#About Loi

My name is Loi Wu, and I’m a software engineer living in Guangzhou, China with my work partner Constance.

You can contact me, if you like:

  • Email: vipstartup@qq.com
  • Wechat: superloiwu

I’m interested in technology and software development. I’m passionate about intuitive design, multi-touch interfaces, human-focused software, and accessibility.

I used to work for Alibaba, Cisco.

I have a software/design studio called ‘CatsLinc Studio’. Our team members come from many different fields.

As a participant and leader, I’ve been involved in product designing and developing of VIP.com for iOS

I’m coding for iOS, as well as full stack, and I’ve released an app named BAEN in App Store

You can check what I am interested in at my Github

#About this site

I began to publish articles on this site, in Decemebr 2015.